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Videoclipuri 2pac BLACK STARRY NIGHT

Against all odds, I`m still here nigga

Aiyyy, I got to get my props for 2Pacalypse

O.P.D. - what??!

When this album come out, niggaz can kiss my ass

Did you think I`d fall?

You think you could stop a motherfucker like me?

Introducing you to my criminal crew

Treach, A.D., Apache, Essential

You got to deal with me on a whole new level motherfucker

Above the Law, Lench Mob, the Underground

Cause I`m gettin paid

gets around and we down in this bitch

And the more you try to keep niggaz away from me

the more I unite with mo` niggaz and mo` niggaz and mo` niggaz

Extra special thanks to my nigga Big John Major

And it`s a ghetto in every city and a nigga in every ghetto

I owe him, thanks to my man Mike Cooley and the rest of out fathers

Motherfucker we are unstoppable

And uhh, I`m not goin alive!

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