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Versuri Color Me Badd - Color Me Badd

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Videoclipuri Color Me Badd Color Me Badd

We'd like to introduce us

Were color me badd the funky new band

And our dope producer. dr freeze

With mark bryan kevin and sam

We're down with warner brothers and

You'll hear on giant records

Our music is r&b & hip hop (so just let us)

Entertain and groove you

Were not a fad, were color me badd


Color me badd (oh wee um, ooh um)

Color me badd (oh wee um, ooh um)

They said it was'nt easy

We had to practice every day

Always stick together

Even when we work and play

We just stick to what you wanna hear

We're color me badd

Every time the radio plays we appear

We're dope y'all, like this y'all,like this y'all

We'd like to introduce us


Color me badd (oh wee um, ooh um)

Color me badd (oh wee um, ooh um)


Now i bet that you thought you were gonna hear another rap???

Can't do that, this new tracks to phat

Freaky, funky, dope,

My boys no joke

It's a real hit, c'mon and take it to em

Wait a minute stop,give a little props

Marleys on the board watch him rise to the top

He's on the wheel and winning

Got a funky feeling

Take it, take it, or leave it

Ohh to the hell with you

Dont front on the funk, in my trunk

Let go no joke

Let us work

Color me badd ain't no joke

Diggetty dope, remix bag of tricks

Trick or treat smell my feet

To the cmb

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