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Versuri Guess Who - Dancin Fool

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Videoclipuri Guess Who Dancin Fool

It was a Saturday night without a whole lot shakin'

Ooh my ooh my I was bored.

I had my best duds on it was a chance worth takin'

somehow I was still ignored.

Been too long since I been shy and lonely

Ooh, but that's okay

Need some gal to be my one and only,


I got a wink and a smile from a flashy filly,

Ooh my ooh my she looked grand.

She said "I like your style now don't go actin' silly"

Ooh my ooh she held my hand.

Never thought that I could shake and grove it

Now I'm a Dancin' Fool

Dug my feet 'cause they could really move it


She got the message across and me and her got kissin'

Ooh my ooh my havin' fun

I know that this is the thing that I been really missin'

One more dance has just begun

No more time for feelin' shy and lonely

Now I'm a Dancin' Fool.

Found some gal to be my one and only

Ooh I'm a Dancin' Fool.

Been too long since I been shy and lonely

Now I'm a Dancin' Fool (I'm a dancin' fool I'm a dancer)


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