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Versuri Plebs - Edward and James

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Videoclipuri Plebs Edward and James

?because you just broke my heart?
the worker said to the employer who was turning around
?I repeat: you broke my heart I?ve tried to love you but?
every time you are there listening to my feelings as if they
were something strange I?ve tried to love you but?
you broke my heart?

this is not an ordinary story this is not a legend
every single man has got to tell it to his children
every single kid has the right to know
no one must forget no one can bury the truth
there was a man who worked about 20 hours every day
he wanted no enemies even if he was sad and
there was another man who didn?t understand that sadness
so he could not prevent himself from becoming sad too

one day they had a talk and the worker realized the situation
he was not alone they could be fighting together
against that cruel sadness which was destroying each one
they could live in peace and break the utopia
there was a big problem: the other man maybe did not
want to understand he was only waiting for his money
then the worker took his tears and turn back to his job
there was nothing more to do and sadness ruled the world

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