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Versuri Primordial - Fuil Arsa

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Videoclipuri Primordial Fuil Arsa

(Written originally by ancient Irish pagan poet Amergin Glangel)

I am the wind that breathes on the sea

I am the wave, wave on the ocean

I am the ray, the eye of the sun

I am a tomb, cold in darkness

I am star, the tear of the sun

I am a wonder, a wonder in flower

I am the spear as it cries out for blood

The word of great power

I am the depts of a great pool

I am the song of the blackbird

Who but I can cast light upon the meeting of the mountains?

Who but I will cry aloud the changes in the moon?

Who but I can find the place where hides away the sun?

AiliIath Nerenn

From the breeze on the mountain to the lake of deep blue

From the waterfall down to the sea

Never changing or ending on the voice of the wind

Sing the dark song of Erenn to me...

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