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Versuri Mint Condition - Funky Weekend

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Videoclipuri Mint Condition Funky Weekend

O'Dell, Stokely



It's a funky weekend

Freak out

Mint Condition

Party weekend

Verse 1:

Hey what's goin' on

It's the brotha man (yeah, yeah)

Here's the plan( yeah, yeah)

Friday night just got paid

Workin' all week

No time to play( yeah, yeah)

This is the day (yeah, yeah)

To catch the vibe at the Mint show

Peace to the honeys that can shake it all night

You can dance your way

So just let go


Friday night, Saturday night are the nights

To let your mind freak out

Let your mind freak out (freak out)

Firday night, Saturday night are the nights

To let your mind freak out

It's a party weekend

Verse 2:

How do you do baby boo (baby boo)

Just got your groove on (yeah, yeah)

Now your lookin for some more

I know just the place around the way (around the way)

Where you can play (yeah, yeah)

Just let your hair down

Here's what comes to the fellas

Who wanna kick a little game

You can dance your way

It's the weekend

Chorus (2x)

Little Roger, can you play for me? (3x)

(Steel Pan solo)


Adlib til end of song

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