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Versuri Kmfdm - Go To Hell (Fuck MTV Mix)

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Videoclipuri Kmfdm Go To Hell (Fuck MTV Mix)

I've been to Congo

I lived in Rome

Spent my lifetime

To waste my brain

Now it's the same time running

Out for you and me

That pushes, pulls, and drags me, baby

Back to thee

With all my guts and bollocks

I don't regret fearing and burning

Sometimes I wonder

I can't get enough

You're cute and stupid

I want it fast

I want to go to hell

I want to flee

To free my brain

I never do

Something right

Leaving the body

Taking mind

In total control

Into the night

I saw the light

Stitched my wounds

I picked the orchids

In Nicaragua's jungle

I'll miss your gams

So wet and shiny

You're my Vietnam child

Kiss my scars away

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