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Versuri Karen Lehner - Hands

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Videoclipuri Karen Lehner Hands

It is morning now

And he is there beside you

But it's different somehow

Was last night a big mistake

But his eyes were so

Kind of Heaven like

And he was better than he could ever be

And his hands

16 years in the making

My broken heart

What was yours for the taking

Well you took it alright,

you wore it and then you just

You tore it all apart

With your eyes so

Kind of Heaven like

When you were better than you could ever be

And your hands

You said you'd hold me, love me

Never let me go

And I believed

Everything I wanted

All I thought that I should know

You'd give to me

But now the dawn is breaking

I see it's light

And I wonder where you'll stay tonight

Will your eyes be so

Kind of Heaven like

Will you be better than you could ever be

I guess the story's ending

Soon you'll awake

Sweet Phoenix when you rise

What direction will you take

With your eyes are so

Kind of Heaven like

Be better than you could ever be

With me - take my hand

Take my hand - Take it - And hold me - love me

- don't ever let me go

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