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Versuri Dolly Parton - I Couldnt Wait Forever

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Videoclipuri Dolly Parton I Couldnt Wait Forever

I couldn't wait forever

Did you expect me to

I guess you thought I'd never

Find somebody new

I lived on dreams and promises

As long as I could

I couldn't wait forever

The way you thought I would

The lonely nights grew longer

As I prayed for time to fly

I lived on hopes that you'd return

And that's how I got by

The agony of loneliness

Just got too much for me

I couldn't wait forever

Needing love so desperately

So I found new lips to kiss me

New arms to hold me tight

I found new love and happiness

To fill these empty nights

You took my love for granted

Now my heart has found a new home

I couldn't wait forever

Forever's just too long

I couldn't wait forever

Forever's just too long

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