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Versuri Orphanage - In The Garden Of Eden

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Videoclipuri Orphanage In The Garden Of Eden

Imagine a land of milk and honey

You've been there in your dreams but it exists

There is no shame, only love and joy

And lust will be satisfied in ecstasy

Flowers fill the hills of equality

The fragrance of roses caresses the air

Visions of Eden delights your inner child

So take my hand, I'll take you there

In delight we could dwell forever more

To cherish the sea of magic dreams

To eat the fruits of joyous temptation

And bite into the shining apple green

This Garden of Eden where mist engulfs the mind

Where gods dwell to ease their sorrowed souls

Paradise in my hand unifies all delight

Together for eternity on borrowed time, take me

Let your soul float into the mystic

scarlet regions awaiting in your dreams

Embrace the flowers of fulfillment

which the prophecy foretells

Listen to the oracle of light

and chant the verses of the cold sun

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