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Versuri Trina - Kandi - (featuring Lil Brianna)

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Videoclipuri Trina Kandi - (featuring Lil Brianna)


Kandi girl (kandi girl)

You are my world (you are my world)

You look so sweet

You're a special treat

Kan-di girl

You are my world (my world)

You look so sweet

You're a special treat

[Lil' Briana]

Wow ta dow watch out now

It's lil' Briana no I'm not Bow Wow

I'm that candy girl that lil' Miami girl

Sweet like cinnamon with the candy swirl

I'm like sugar and spice

My flow so nice

Colorful ice like rainbow bright

I'm that candy girl sweet like a life savor

Got more flavors than a pack of Now or Laters

Ten years old the baby diva

The kids at school call me baby Trina

When I step on this track it make your fingers snap

And do the peanut butter jelly with the baseball bat



I taste like candy a candy treat

So sweet from my head down to my feet

This song's dedicated to my candy girls

The life of luxury the candy world

With candy benz's marble floors

Cartier kisses and cash galore

With candy toys candy yacht's

Candy verses and candy four dots

No it don't stop and we on the rise

To slip and slide and diva enterprise

We drop candy hits that's how we bring it

I'm a candy girl come on Stef sing it


[Lil' Briana]

I'm a candy girl and my flow too hot

Sweet like lollipops and gumdrops

Gummy bears Skittles and Kit Kats

I'm a young girl running this game you with that?

I got more flavors than Starburst

I keep my penny candy in my Prada purse

If I act too sassy pardon me y'all

I be playing with Barbie dolls in my carnegie hall

I'm a good good girl a candy girl

The baby Diva with the baby doll pearls

If you ain't come to party we ain't having that

So do the Donkey Kong and the cabbage patch


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