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Versuri The Police - Lady of Delight

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Videoclipuri The Police Lady of Delight

Just the kind of lady to really set you sailing

On emotion's ocean

Just like a river she's rolling on forever

Got you running around now you've found

She turns the tide of your tired heart

Back to the place where you made a start

She's got the power to burn you up

But she's turning, turning your golden heart

Lady, lady of delight

Lady, lady of the night

Don't stand in the gutter boy, mumble and mutter

That the world ain't treating you right

I'm talking to you - I can prove it too -

You'd better listen to me - I've got a guarantee

Now who told you life was meant to be

Happiness, Light, Love and Free

What made you think you had a right?

You're just a frightened child in the middle of the night

Lady, lady of delight

Lady, lady of the night

Wild dogs baying at the moon

Alley cats singing out of tune

Hoot of owls across the lake -

These are sounds that follow her wake

Don't think you can change her -

I know she'll rearrange you

You might disagree but just you wait and see

You think you're winning but look at the state you're in

Danger - stranger:

Some call her goddess some call her a whore

But she's a sister - a lover - a mother and more

She keeps on coming - she makes it clear

That if you let her in you've got nothing to fear

Lady, lady of delight

Lady, lady of the night

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