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Versuri Perry Como - Lovers, Kids And Fools

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Videoclipuri Perry Como Lovers, Kids And Fools

Lovers, kids an' fools

might as well be brothers

pick up dreams that others

walk right by!

Lovers, kids an' fools

take each day an' taste it

don't hold back or waste it

they always try!

Life goes by fast

let's chase it

come out an' say so when we feel

something strong!

Love seldom lasts

let's chance it

we'll dance to the music in our hearts

when there's no song!

Lovers, kids an' fools ( Lovers, kids an' fools! )

don't believe in fences

they let their common senses

fall apart!

In an open heart

sympathy an' kindness rule . . .

Lovers, kids an' fools!

In an open heart

( sympathy an' kindness rules! )

Let's stay with the fools!

Lovers, kids an' fools!

Hmmm . . .

Words and Music by Marvin Hamlisch

and Paul Williams

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