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Versuri Nothingface - Murder Is Masterbation

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Videoclipuri Nothingface Murder Is Masterbation

I'm not awake

But I'm not dead

The drugs are late

Lost my money again

They never gave you anything

You'd think you get the fucking point

I'll laugh until I'm fucking killed

I see the point but I can't find a way

To get through this fucking mental hell!!!

I'm not alright, but I'm OK


All hail the pessimist

All hail the anarchist

All hail the rest that never gave

A motherfuckin' shit

It's killing season

Time to celebrate

What better way than to

Rid the world of all the walking waste

Wanna see it

I'll show you something

A middle finger

With a barrel and it's fucking cocked

I got a new way

So you can fuck yourself

Kill the motherfucker - all that I think about, yeah!

I'm not alright, but I'm OK



You gotta voice your revenge

Or you're better off dead

You'll lose your fucking mind


You gotta look at yourself

See the world inside out

And scream out loud

That motherfucker

Kill that motherfucker

Kill that motherfucker

And that's all that I think about [x2]

That motherfucker

Kill that motherfucker

Kill that motherfucker

Cause we all need to scream out loud

I'm not alright, but I'm OK


I found the easy way to die

Just educate myself and pretend

All I've learned's untrue

And yeah, I know that

All I'll lose is you

Have you ever loved something

That never seemed to

Have a face at all

It just screams out loud.....yeah!

It always cures the pain that would never leave

Then causes even mor

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