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Versuri Gabriel Man - My Little Box

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Videoclipuri Gabriel Man My Little Box

Silent in my sanity

I live safe inside my cell

In the darkness that surrounds me

I see my own special Hell

Comfort in my suffering

Feeling warm inside this pain

Before I was coming down on me

I come on down again

I let you win, you come on to me

And you're so f***ing brave

A chewed out lighten candle

Fell in my cool and empty cave

Somewhere in your worthy

Tell you this is what the people need

Doing all that s**t on me

And leave me here to bleed

Cradle falls, unholy walls...

(Repeat first 8 lines)

You woke me out of my secret grave

You let your pretty world in

Now you're in my world

Did you dream it'd be so small

My little box was perfect

'Til you destroyed it all

My sanctity of sorrow gone

Forever in its place

The sacred sweet of you

Is all that's left to taste

Feeling claustrophobic

Now my world is closing in

Subtle retribution

Where I am and where I've been

I'll take you to a place

You never knew could be

Curled up, in my little box.

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