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Versuri Rasmus, The - OneandOnly

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Videoclipuri Rasmus, The OneandOnly

Have I been away too long? Did I miss all the action?

What happened to the neighbourgs and the girl next door?

Did you get my greetings? What happened to the graffiti?

And what about this crap on the walls?

Did I forget about someone? No offense but I have to.

I didn't have a respect to the violence.

And what about this music? Did I forget something else?

When I left the silence.

Don't let the shadows reach me.

Don't let the shadows swallow the light while I'm sleeping.

Whatever comes to your just hit me. It's my time. My time.

The one and only lonely.

Did I win the firt prize? Have I crossed the enemylines?

Got stabbed in the back but I do'n't know why.

Like wlking on the eggshells. Stepping over landmines.

Waiting for the open sky.

Did you forget about someone?

Did you forget about you and me?

And what about this envy around me?

Did I do something wrong?

Have I been away too long? In middle of these changes.

Don't let the shadows

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