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Versuri Lord Wind - Pagan Holocaust

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Videoclipuri Lord Wind Pagan Holocaust

Our country was cold

Our country has been always cold

It was getting warmer

When we were burning those who had come

Carrying gold crosses around their necks

With clamorous stories about their white god

Our country was fierce

Our country was fulfilled with cruelty

That was riped to harvesting

Like a gold come during the cloudy summertime

But we had our own laws

That were unfey the light

In the darkness of times

Given by the gods

Who had lived in deep

Dence forests with us

Our land was our home

Which splendid had faded

Brother and sister had parished

Spirits had hidden themselves in darkest shaws

The days of bitter oblivion had come

Long days of ruth and sadness

And only wind and the moon

And only trees and stones

Remember those long winters

And people among snow

Of brave hearts

And warm blood

Their war doures

Their women, brave and beatiful

Their dreams

They went away and they will never return...

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