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Versuri Devin Townshend - Planet Rain

Versuri-versuri.ro > Versuri Litera D > Versuri Devin Townshend > Unknown - Planet Rain
Videoclipuri Devin Townshend Planet Rain

What have we learned?

From this wee exercise

Where do we go?

Now that it's over

What do we say?

What are we doing here?

Everything's changed

Everything's stayed the same

But it's quiet now, quiet now

Cause it's the end of the world

What if we've changed?

What if we're finished here

Can we be saved?

Does anybody even care?

So many dream

So many make the grade

So many fail

So many fade away

Show you've a soul by crying

Sorry, already

I'm so sorry

So sorry

I know now

So slow down

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

I'm sorry

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