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Versuri Falcon Billy - Pretty Blue World

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Videoclipuri Falcon Billy Pretty Blue World

Pretty blue world

Spinning in space

Been that way since the first tear

Rolled down Adam's face

Man we get beat up

Time's taken more than its toll

When times get this hard girl

It's hard to take hold

I don't wanna give up


Baby, hold on to me girl

I'll hold on to you

Faith, hope and love's what it takes to get through

In this pretty blue world

It's a pretty blue world

Waking up to a struggle

I don't want to face

Ain't got a choice

Now we're stuck in this place

Is anybody up there

Sometimes it's hard to believe

Think our prayers have been answered

We've got what we need

When you wanna give up


Ain't much that's certain

Between the curtains

But as long as this world continues to spin

no matter how blue, baby

This much is true, baby

Faith hope and love


Hold on to me girl

When it gets cold

Do I have your love

That's all I need to know

In this pretty blue world

It's a pretty blue world


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