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Versuri Tash - Ricochet

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Videoclipuri Tash Ricochet


Mm.. sing that shit for daddy baby

Pump this motherfucker up.. richochet, ricochet

RICHOCHET (ricochet, ricochet)

RICHOCHET (yo homies, one two yo)


My style is too cold for words, it's like a bullet gone stray

Ease off, I'm bout to speak and hit the wall and ricochet

I rock the Cali way (for sure) I'm only in it to score

Niggaz say I'm owed one, but it's more like four

Hardcore entrepeneur, strainin like a champ

Rollin out in sixty-three's, that hop without a ramp

Young Tash Vamp'll kick your door in while you're snorin;

now where's that salt you was pourin?

I send the bullet soarin, yo ayy, let you slide? No way

If you a --

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