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Versuri Iggy Pop - Starry Night

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Videoclipuri Iggy Pop Starry Night

Stars in the sky

I like them better than you

Stars in the sky

They tell me what to do

I don't care about your city

Or your fat income

I don't care about your Vanity Fair

Or your fucking sitcom


Starry night

Starry night

That starry night

Makes me feel alright

I heard a lotta mean talkin'

I met a lotta tough guys-they all look

Pretty ugly under the stars

Go out to the desert

And just look up

You can feel yourself

Under the stars

All man's buildings

Will soon be gone

'Cause something here

Is absolutely wrong


Makes me feel alright

Like a human being

Take your building and your income and

Shove it up your ass-

Take your building and your income and stuff

It with your cash-

I heard a lotta big talk-met a lotta tough guys-

That shit looks ugly under a starry night-

Which country is the strongest?

Who plays the best guitar?

Who fucking cares

Under the stars


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