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Versuri Terror Squad - Triple Threat

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Videoclipuri Terror Squad Triple Threat

what, fuck ya want from me,

see i love my thugs but im a terrorist nigga and imma terrorize ya ass

till gone for miles pana

what, bitch ass nigga!!

(Verse 1 Armageddon)

I jeopardize this rap shit and blast ya ass to prove a point

I got thug nigguz who don't even rap callin to do joints

frontin off the strength and you the weak link in the click

it's obvious you pussy i could see the pink in the clit

i seen the chip and the clip of my daily desert eagle

fourty four metal with heat'll

open ya belly like it's legal

push you back a few feet send you sailin like a seagull

when we clash in the street

why was you bailin if you evil (you ain't evil)

talkin bout somebody tryin to playa hate you

actually i like you but fuck wit my squad the German a.k.'ll hit you

ever seen what them things could do could-

down to ya tims, i'm like the limit on ya life

the demon on ya light

that figure in the dark that takes ya heart in the mid of night

this aint a joke cause aint nuttin comical how my laser scope

aim at ya dome could erase the features off ya facial bones


i'm like a triple threat

double dare you to try to rip my neck

the way my click spit techs will leave you wet from dick to neck

i know you ain't forget the way these squad niggaz rep

comin at me from the sideline like you intend to step (x2)

(Verse 2 Big Pun)

Fuck the battlin' it's world war four i mean the red form

no need to crowd the name is aroused up in the dead zone

New World Order i only flow wit the real horror

chrome C4 to ya door and pearl harbor

we can bring it back

gats on the holsters of mini macs

gats on the holsters strapped to the shoulders of maniacs

where we a

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