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Versuri Lisa Germano - Cancer of everything

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Videoclipuri Lisa Germano Cancer of everything

I won't settle down, I can't settle down

I won't cut it out, I won't quit

I'm not trying hard, I not getting well

I'm not improving, I won't do anything

This is a happy song

'Cause I want cancer of everything, yeah right

And if I fall down in a face of scars, I get attention

Cancer of everything

I won't ??? up, I can't ??? up

I must feel sick, I sure you do

I'm not trying hard, I'm not sleeping well

I'm not growing, I won't do anything

This isn't good for me

But you just wait and see how much attention I get

Oh, I got cancer of everything

It sure works for me

So this is a happy song

And nobody seems to care

And my shit is everywhere

Too much of this too much of that

Surround yourself with your ???

Get some attention

And if fall down in a face of scars, well I don't know

You could leave me alone

I got Cancer of everything

Yeah, I don't fell so good

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