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Versuri Megadeth - Coming Home

Versuri-versuri.ro > Versuri Litera M > Versuri Megadeth > The World Needs A Hero - Coming Home
Videoclipuri Megadeth Coming Home

(Music, lyrics: Mustaine)

And today, I leave you
But I'll be back someday
And as I fly away
My hope is that we'll meet again
I'm off to my home away from home
I will miss you
But I know
I know you know

I'm coming home to Arizona
I'm coming home to Arizona

I'll take you everywhere I go
I'll show you everything I see
And as we say so long
I know your tears wish me well
It won't be long till I'm back again
We will meet again
We will meet again
You will see, oh

I'm coming home to Arizona
I'm coming home

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