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Versuri Gil - For Heaven's Sake

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Videoclipuri Gil For Heaven's Sake

Now i'm crying in the darkness

Seven times you said goodbye

I can handle all the hard times

But i can't stand one more lie

And i look into your eyes now

You're not tellin' me the truth

Do you want my last goodbye now

Can this be true


Yes i know we will make it

For heaven's sake, for heaven's sake

No more fights, no more lies now

For heaven's sake

Be the sugar in my coffee

And i will be your guidin' light

I still need your touch my lovely

Who the hell needs one more fight

We've both got different destinations

But this love is still so strong

Your train is pulling away from the station

Please don't go.


I'm not really superstious,

For heaven's sake, for heaven's sake,

But give our love a little chance girl,

For heaven's sake,



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