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Versuri Cocteau Twins - Readme

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Videoclipuri Cocteau Twins Readme

These lyrics are a compilation of what meager lyrics are known, as

well as speculation, but mostly speculation, roughly 95% speculation, I

would say. They were collected together by me, Stephen Friedman (sometimes

known on the net as otterley) and several friends of mine, as well as

stray information and comments from tho se that have looked thru my lyrics

voluntarily. For the most part, this was a collaboration compiled by me of

three people's work. Myself, James Beswick (Ivo), and michealcb@delphi.com

(whose real name I am sorry to say I have misplaced at the time I am

writing this). Enjoy. Any and all comments/s uggestions/ideas for

changes/obvious errors, please email them to me at

friedman@donald.phast.umass.edu, and they will be immediately altered in

my copies of them, and when enough changes pile up, I will ask the music

archives to update the lyrics. Enjoy,

Stephen Friedman (otterley)



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