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Versuri Z-Ro - So Much

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Videoclipuri Z-Ro So Much


Lately I've been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter

So when I say my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir

My every thought is pain, strain and stressing me to death

Everyday is like a rehearsal, that's prepping me for death

I think I'm ready, because this world ain't no friend of mine

Only thing I qualify for, is murder and Penitentiary time

Y'all should of shot me, in the jimmy instead

But I guess they was feeling eachother, to get head in the bed

Here I am, first born torn between heaven and hell

I tell my people so no to dope, but I let it sell

Need to practice my preaching, calling the kettle black

I know I'm on pot before or not, I gotta peddle crack

Ain't nobody got my back, except the laws when they on it

So I be going for broke, demolishing my opponents

Leaving no traces just blood on faces, believe that

HK I'ma squeeze that, you won't even want be back


I got through so much, so I try to stay fucked up

Because, when I'm sober I can't maintain

Even though I do my best, the only thing I earn is stress

So I, spend most of my days chilling with Mary Jane


I can't focus, I'm losing my mind real fast

Dreaming and fiending for the day, I could make some real cash

Dropping album after album, platinum song after song

But it's like I ain't did nothing, cause the lights ain't on

How can I win, it's like everything I do is a motherfucking sin

It got a nigga, fiending to see my end

All of my friends are fake, they come around when I'm spending cash

But when I'm broke they out the do', with wheels spinning fast

Lonely, daily dodging the devil but he on me

Telling my people fuck him, cause he be working through my homies

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