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Versuri Elms - The Big Surprise

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Videoclipuri Elms The Big Surprise

I am back. This time, Im the big surprise,

And Im hiding behind your sofa.

Im the culture shock. Temporary block.

And Ill love you for the next five minutes.

Im your magazine, cos you read me clean

Without taking any time for pictures.

Im your hand grenade and your lemonade,

Cos Ill blow up and leave you soured.

Find somebody with a working car and drive them crazy, too.

The big surprise is me!

I worked extra hard to pick your birthday card,

You just threw it out and kept my money.

I got up at six to make your favorite dish,

So I sank when you said you werent hungry.

Filed your tax return, let some candles burn,

Played Mozart to make your plants grow.

Then I clipped the trees, got down on my knees,

Not to work, just to pray youd see me.

Find somebody who will paint your house, and gloss them over, too.

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