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Versuri Max Webster - The Party

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Videoclipuri Max Webster The Party

cats in the bag / the neighbours holler

this party is higher / than the eiffel tower

we're all here to be reckless / we're all sleazy and easy to please

dreamers and schemers on the loose

we're all here for a celebration / the madcap scene and the max machine

and the friends you see go up in smoke

and this heel toe dance song tour de force

climbing a cloud climbing a cloud / put a little life on the line

here's Lucy she's choosey / of who calls her on the phone

she's from a very rich foreign family / but displaced cause of rivalry at home

now Daphne is the orphan / still searching for her roots

she likes concert blisters and leather boots

and knows one fact her act is to get loose

now we're just musicians / here to thin the thickness of your skin

show us your body / show us your curls / show us your tour de force

show us your thrills / keep that smile on your face

this is the best offer you've had so far

we're innocent we're naive / in the cabarets we get our veins wet

in the saloons we hassle the richest guests

in the climb we're breathless above the rest

climbing a cloud climbing a cloud

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