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Versuri Waits Tom - Underground

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Videoclipuri Waits Tom Underground

Tom Waits: Vocal

Victor Feldman: Bass marimba

Larry Taylor: Acoustic bass

Randy Aldcroft: Baritone horn

Stephen Taylor Arvizu Hodges: Drums

Fred Tackett: Electric guitar

Rattle Big Black Bones

in the Danger zone

there's a rumblin' groan

down below

there's a big dark town

it's a place I've found

there's a world going on


they're alive, they're awake

while the rest of the world is asleep

below the mine shaft roads

it will all unfold

there's a world going on


all the roots hang down

swing from town to town

they are marching around

down under your boots

all the trucks unload

beyond the gopher holes

there's a world going on


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