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Versuri Nofx - Vanilla Sex

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Videoclipuri Nofx Vanilla Sex

Don't ever take away from me my pornography

we obviously don't agree on what's obscene

I have the right to choose what I

Want to see and read

Don't try to take away from me

My right to privacy what I

Do is no one's business but me

So stay in your missionary position

I hope that you get bored to death

There's no way I'm going thru life

Having vanilla sex

The government's trying to get in

Your bedroom you better lock your

Door and close your shades because

There could be someone watching you today

Why do you try to make things illegal

Why do we have to be 21

Are you afraid that people are having

Too much fun

Why do you care what I do in my bedroom

Why do you want to know how I screw

It seems to me you've got nothing better to do

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