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Versuri Jawbox - Spiral Fix

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Videoclipuri Jawbox Spiral Fix

in precious little circles thoughts run races

dead in the water, black and still

drowning in downsize none finish first

no stars get us out of this hold

slow down, just two are left

i see your smile shine red in the silence

it's laughing at me, one of us is next

is this real life, less end line

when all is done and said

a slip-step cracked my skull

i think, spirals down

a slip-step cracked my skull

i think spirals down the brain

they burned the smiles off the sideways

made it my fortune to watch it all happen

be sure we're still going nowhere

they retch an apology for necessity

but my blood still swims inside

they rumble for more but i won't make the next cut

spiral goes sideways in or out

ragged heels scrape up the pavement

read a line off the kick in the breeze

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